Vinay Gupta made Digital Catapult Fellow, a UK Government initiative Oct 11, 2017

Vinay Gupta, co-founder of Mattereum, has been appointed Blockchain Fellow of the prestigious UK Government initiative Digital Catapult based in London’s Euston Road but with centres emerging all over the country.

Digital Catapult is the venue for the forthcoming Internet of Agreements Conference and has already given Mattereum considerable support in enabling the hosting of events and providing resources.

Digital Catapult is designed to help drive the development of the British economy through encouraging digital innovation and culture. Mattereum considers the UK to be at the top of the list as the blockchain capital of the world especially in the primary market for its platform, legally enforceable smart contracts with recourse to arbitration, in which the City of London is already a global leader.

Technology is acknowledged as key to the UK’s economic growth, productivity and competitiveness. In 2014, former Business Secretary Ed Vaizey spoke at Digital Catapult’s opening about the importance of the Internet of Things. Three years on, the UK now has an opportunity to lead the world in the Internet of Agreements.

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