Mattereum to Build First Internet of Agreements Infrastructure Oct 17, 2017

Founded this year (2017), Mattereum is a collaboration between lawyers and programmers. Its commercial objective is to bring the power of blockchain software to legal contract execution, and safe and reliable legal interpretation and enforcement to the frontiers of digital trade. This will enable new business models, and bring greater efficiency and reduced risk in the resolution of disputes.

Rob Knight, Mattereum Co-Founder and responsible for overall management, said: “The wide range of sectors and stakeholders that attended yesterday’s conference and the three run-up events demonstrates the momentum here in London behind smart contracts, which can only increase given the City of London’s global position as an arbitration centre.”

Participants at the conference and the unstructured unconference held last Friday, as well as the brainstorming ‘hack days’ over the weekend, included not only experienced coders and software engineers but also lawyers, artists, academics and entrepreneurs as well as professional investors.

Vinay Gupta, Mattereum Co-Founder and corporate strategist, said: “We have already attracted starter funds that will support the project into next year so that we can begin the process of bringing smart contracts into regular use.” A demo app for licensing photos, EtherCam, was launched by Mattereum at the Internet of Agreements conference.

Mattereum is the brainchild of a team that includes leaders in the blockchain ecosystem, including Vinay Gupta, Digital Catapult Blockchain Fellow, who coordinated the release of the blockchain platform Ethereum; Rob Knight, entrepreneur, software engineer and experienced top-level corporate technology project manager; Christopher Wray, lawyer experienced in alternative dispute resolution and a co-founder of technology start-ups; Ian Grigg, the inventor of both Ricardian Contracts and triple entry accounting; Aeron Buchanan, entrepreneur and formerly Chief Operating Officer for the Ethereum Foundation; and Mihai Cimpoesu, formerly the technical lead in the blockchain team for Thomson Reuters.

You can learn more about Internet of Agreements on the website

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