Fourth Internet of Agreements conference on "Blockchain and Space" took place at Digital Catapult Jun 21, 2018

On 21st June, Mattereum hosted the fourth Internet of Agreements® conference, at Digital Catapult in London. Speakers working in finance, law, satellite launch and blockchain gave their perspectives on the opportunities afforded by the new commercially-oriented, industry-led approach to the exploitation of space, and the challenges of funding and governing activity in an area which is notoriously long-term, expensive (though getting cheaper all the time), and where the mindset of national security and superpower confrontation remains influential. The day ended with a panel that allowed speakers from all these areas to discuss current and future directions.

The following day, 22nd June, Mattereum hosted a day of workshops at the British Interplanetary Society. In the morning session, participants engaged in two group discussions: one on law and governance, and one on technical aspects of the application of blockchain to space. After lunch, during which there was the opportunity to enjoy and admire the Society's collection of models and docking simulator, a plenary session was held to integrate the morning's discussions and address a wide range of questions ranging from the governance of Mars colonies to the physics of superguns. As one attendee remarked, it was a unique opportunity to talk about "the things we didn't even know we could discuss about space".

Materials from the conference will be published here in the next couple of weeks:

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