CEO of Mattereum, Vinay Gupta, joins the Advisory Board of ImpactPPA Mar 8, 2018

ImpactPPA announces today the addition of Vinay Gupta, CEO of and former release coordinator for the Ethereum Foundation, to their board. Built on the Ethereum platform, ImpactPPA is creating the SmartPPA (Power Purchase Agreement) which will be designed to allow projects to find the right funding and resources to fuel the development of decentralized renewable energy resources solutions. ImpactPPA’s aim-- solving some of the globe’s most pressing environmental issues by rolling out wind, solar, battery and microgrid technologies, tied together and coordinated with Ethereum smart contracts.

ImpactPPA is a growing venture designed to leverage the power of Ethereum to spark and cultivate renewable energy initiatives across the globe. Gupta’s vast experience and insights into decentralized ledger and distributed renewable energy solutions have solidified his status as one of the world’s foremost leaders of decentralization and the use of the blockchain.

Through ImpactPPA’s decentralized distribution, the ImpactPPA Community will have the opportunity to purchase MPQ Tokens and, subsequently, among other functions, vote on sustainable projects that have been proposed on the network. We believe that the use of crypto-based funding (in the form of MPQ tokens) incentivizes players and stakeholders across the globe to proactively contribute to projects that will radically affect how we as a global community consume energy.

Dan Bates, President and CEO of ImpactPPA believes that smart contracts and decentralization are the keys to sparking a sustainable revolution. Too often, projects with the best of intentions, are held up by red tape and bureaucratic processes. Leveraging the global reach and unadulterated transparency the blockchain gives Bates and his company the chance to lead this movement that will incentivize players of all communities and professional backgrounds to step up and contribute viable environmental solutions. As the coordinator of Ethereum’s 2015 launch, Gupta’s deep expertise on the blockchain and unparalleled insights into its potential future will guide the development of ImpactPPA’s reach on the network.

Bates says, “I have followed Vinay Gupta’s work for the past several years and could not be more thrilled to officially bring him onto ImpactPPA’s growing team. Vinays past work in developing nations and his unique understanding of how to positively impact the lives of billions of people around the world by using the blockchain will be a huge benefit to ImpactPPA as we grow and expand our reach. Furthermore, he understands that the power of what we are doing will create healthier and safer lives for this planet and its people. His work with Hexayurt, a refugee shelter and decentralized infrastructure project, demonstrates his commitment to serving people, a commitment that also serves as the foundation of ImpactPPA. His work as CEO of Mattereum directly supports our mission too --the roll out of smart contracts which are legally enforceable all over the world directly facilitates the global adoption of our technology platform.”

For his part, Gupta is energized by the prospect of building a global, transparent platform that will rely on the contributions of many to spark progress, not just institutions in power.

“Before I was a blockchain guy, I was a decentralized renewable energy guy,” says Mr. Gupta. “I first started work on energy decentralization in 2002, at the Rocky Mountain Institute, and I worked on “Small is Profitable”, The Economist’s 2003 Book of the Year, on the economics of renewable energy decentralization. A few years ago, I arranged the roll out of 100,000 small solar lights in refugee camps in Pakistan with UK Department for International Development, the first project of its kind. I put this work on pause when the time came to work on the blockchain, but it’s always been close to my heart. I worked extensively on decentralized access to water with (a water and sanitation charity), and I’ve always had a long term vision of coordinating global access to decentralized infrastructure for power, water, sanitation, health and more using the ever-growing power of the internet. ImpactPPA is a vast forward step in the concrete realization of those dreams, and the blockchain is the right technology to tie together identity, finance and hardware in the field to bring essential services to billions of people. I’m very pleased indeed to be with ImpactPPA at the vanguard of this revolution.”

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