TechCrunch article on Mattereum
New article by TechCrunch on our Smart Property Register: "Mattereum - perhaps the world's wierdest and most daring startup"
Nov 12, 2018
New partnership with space logistics firm SpaceBridge
Mattereum will be providing services to SpaceBridge Logistics, a company building a marketplace for in-space tug services at the intersection of aerospace and blockchain.
Nov 2, 2018
Mattereum deploys smart contracts to enable ImpactPPA’s “energy generation as a service”
Mattereum’s smart contract expertise will help ImpactPPA roll out cheap, scalable renewable energy generation to developing countries
May 16, 2018
Internet of Agreements Conference 2017
Hosted at Digital Catapult, London’s centre for technology innovation, the Internet of Agreements Conference runs in London from October 13th to October 16th and will explore the future of finance, media, government and trade using blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence.
Aug 11, 2017